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Practice Management Services

Take away the accounting and financial aspects of your practice and there are office manager duties, hiring procedures, salary assessments, employee health and benefit plans, space leasing and/or purchasing, IT issues ... in other words, you are still left with a significant number of responsibilities. Grand Management Group is unique in that we also bring practice management skills and experience to support your entire practice. This holistic approach assures you the freedom of a turnkey support program if you choose, so the only thing you have to do is take care of your patients. Everything else is in the experienced and capable hands of Grand Management Group specialists.

Healthcare practice start-ups are challenges we embrace.

If you are thinking of going out on your own, we have the skills and experience to help you do it successfully. To learn how we can help you, see Launching Your Practice.

Human Resource Services
  • Current employee protocols and policies – We will closely examine these and recommend changes based on our contemporary expertise and your desired outcomes.
  • Salary surveys – Our extensive knowledge of the regional compensation structure for healthcare practices helps you stay current and competitive.
  • Hiring and dismissal – Even when they go smoothly, they are notoriously time-consuming. It is a responsibility we’re quite adept at shouldering.
  • Staff education & training – The pace of change in the medical field grows faster every year. We can keep your staff up to date.
Software Consulting Services
  • Assess billing and EHR system with the individual practice in mind
  • Implementation and workflow assistance individualized to the practice
  • Identify the best-fitting Meaningful Use criteria and assist the practice in achieving Meaningful Use
Patient-Centered Medical Home Adoption
  • Identify inefficiencies and gaps in care
  • Develop and implement practice specific policies and protocols
  • Establish better workflows
  • Create performance reports
  • Educate and train staff
Solo & Group Practice Services
  • Income splitting formulas - We are experienced third-party negotiators, assuring that all partners are happy with compensation and benefit contracts.
  • Practice valuations
  • Recruitment - If additional professionals are required, it can often mean that you are too busy to look for them. We can recruit, screen and recommend.
  • Benefits planning
  • Business start-up services - From finding the perfect site, to hiring the right staff, from providing training services to credentialing – there is no aspect of launching a healthcare practice at which we are not experienced and adept.
Billing Consulting Services
  • Practice financial policies  
  • Billing process review  
  • Reimbursement consulting
  • Fee surveys
  • Insurance credentialing - Our skilled staff can handle this for you, from start to finish
  • Chart audits – It is not easy to stay in compliance with the many laws that apply to a healthcare practice. Our chart auditing process can help keep you current.
  • Compliance reviews
  • E/M coding analysis
On-site Management
  • We can provide management support within your practice based on your individual needs
Operational Assessment
  • Our experience and objectivity can help identify inefficiencies throughout the practice, establishing better workflows and a functional hierarchy of responsibility.
Education & Training Services
  • Job performance enhancement 
  • Billing and coding training 
  • Leadership management styles 
  • Paraprofessional development
  • HIPAA policies and training
  • OSHA policies and training

News & Notices

HSA Contribution Limits

The HSA contribution maximums for 2019 have increased. The single limit went up to $3,500, while the family limit increased to $7,000. The catch up contribution stayed at $1,000.

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